Free iTunes & amazon gift cards

Wondering , how to get or earn gift cards for free or at no cost .

Well a couple research work opened the lock to various resources (includes apps, websites etc.) on iOS, Android and your own PC .

1. Points2Shop

It is a website that is accessible through your PC so you can earn on-the-go. P2S app is available in android market and app store.

You earn points or cash that you can either directly redeem at or redeem them for earn gift cards, video game CDs etc in their own online store. Also you can cash out the money you earn. All you need to do is do some hardly 10 minute surveys, play games, make some clicks or do some easy offers .

Link –

2. Junowallet

It’s an app available on mobile platforms windows phone, android and iOS. In this app one can earn gift cards just by downloading apps, watching videos and referring to your friends, relatives or colleagues .In the app itself the tasks are limited but if you want more of them then you can visit : To get startup boost you can use this referral code : xs1237900. This code will earn you a starting bonus of  $.25. Also there are a couple of Facebook fan pages that you can like to earn some Juno credits.

3. AppNana

This a website that gives you some points for downloading some apps or watching videos.the only thing you need to do is visit on your mobile safari browser. On visiting this link, it will ask you to register your device. Register it so that they can keep a track of what apps you have installed and thus rewarding you with some points. You may add it as a Web app so that you can visit it directly from your home screen. Also you can redeem your points for some selected paid apps that they display. It is also available as an app on Play store .

Referral code: v124623

4. AppCasher

This is similar to appnana and they pay you for downloading apps and it will also ask you to enroll your device . Available only on iOS .

Referral code : 2570

5. FreeAppSlots

This is a website that you can visit on your iOS device . In this only thing you need to is spin ! Depending on how many products you get similar on screen, you are rewarded points which you can redeem directly for some apps, gift cards and even for free iPods, iPads.

Link :

So my dear brothers and sisters check out these links now  to earn rewards for free while I try to gather some more easy ways to earn rewards … =)  =)

Cheers !



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